Photography is the easiest medium to be competent in. Anyone can take a competent photograph with a point and shoot. However, it’s the hardest medium to express someone’s personal vision in. There is no touch, no contact, no physicality. When someone can be recognized in a gallery or public space as a fine artist means you have ownership and have really done something different.

      Photographic images hold a truth to the question of what are dreams? The photograph holds an enormous power over its viewer. My practice is to capture images that have a profound impact. Viewing my work gives one a sense of enlightenment and offers a window into another place and time. So much can be read into what I shoot. I’ve learned that there is nothing more mysterious.

      My purpose for wondering is to find the overlooked beauty surrounding us.. I search off the beaten path. I constantly travel old America pursuing subjects blending into the landscapes.I try to express the feelings of what people are experiencing though the lens.There is a truth to what I shoot, and I try to remain true to my work.Memory plays an important part in this journey of being a photographer as well as taking down what needs to be said.Some images will remind me of others and their similarity to a place that I have been in the past with in a body of work. My work may be considered time capsules of true thoughts and events .Story telling is often the most powerful way to communicate the creative process. My image become the final instance when everything comes together; it is captured for all to cherish indefinitely.